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Volunteer Forms & Documents
  • For new volunteers:
    • Volunteer Application  - Interested in becoming an RSVP volunteer! Complete this form and submit it to the RSVP office or you can complete the Online Volunteer Application.                
    • Online Volunteer Application - Complete this online form and click Ok at the bottom and it will be submitted to the RSVP office or you can complete the Volunteer Application above.
    • Volunteer Profile Form - Once the application is complete we will need a Volunteer Profile Form.
    • Volunteer Handbook - The volunteer handbook acts as a general guide of procedures and expectations. Specific questions regarding policies and procedures should be directed to the RSVP Volunteer Manager.
    • Volunteer Insurance Summary  - We provide insurance to cover active RSVP volunteers while they are volunteering at their RSVP placements. This insurance is tertiary. It's payable only after any other valid and collectible insurance coverage has paid.
  • For reporting hours:          

    • Individual Volunteer Timesheet - RSVP volunteer hours are important. We ask that you submit your volunteer hours monthly in order to help us continue serving the community. Complete this form if you would like to submit your hours on a paper timesheet or you can submit your hours online.
    • Entering Volunteer Hours Online -  You can enter your volunteer hours online through our website! These instructions will help you get started or you can call 970-243-9839 Ext. 5.
    • Why Report Volunteer Hours  - An overview of some reasons why volunteer hours are important and how the hours are used to help RSVP and other local agencies.