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SHIP Project

Senior Health Insurance Assistance Project:


Volunteers trained in issues relating to Medicare. FREE counseling is available to anyone needing information and/or assistance with their Medicare Health Insurance . There are two additional component of SHIP.

  • Money Saving Medicare Project (MSMP) Through this project eligible seniors and people with disabilities can obtain assistance in applying for the Medicare extra help programs that help pay Medicare premiums.
  • Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) that helps people with Medicare health care coverage identifies and reports Medicare fraud and abuse.

What Does the SHIP Program Do?

  • The Senior Health Insurance Assistance Program is a source of advice on the increasingly complex Medicare issue.
SHIP Provides:
  • Information to Medicare beneficiaries and their families and/or caregivers
  • Individual counseling and assistance
  • Public education presentations about Medicare and related health insurance and Medicare fraud
  • Printed materials about Medicare and health insurance issues

Who Are SHIP Counselors?

  • The SHIP counselors are trained volunteers. The counselor's job is usually 5% listening and 95% research.

Examples of How SHIP Counselors Can Help You:

  • Understand your Medicare benefits
  • Help you organize and understanding your medical bills
  • Help you identify gaps in Medicare coverage and the options to fill them
  • Understand Medicare Supplemental Insurance (Medigap)
  • Understand how to evaluate Medicare Supplemental Insurance options
  • Medicaid assistance for people on Medicare
  • Help evaluate who is eligible for "Extra Help" (Low Income assistance)
  • Understand Long-term care insurance options
  • Help beneficiaries understand hospital and Medicare rights
  • Assist in filing Medicare appeals
  • Providing reference information and referral sources

Where Can SHIP Counselors Be Found?

  • Consumers may contact their regional community program by calling toll-free 1-888-696-7213.
    The Mesa County RSVP SHIP can be accessed by calling 970-243-9839 Ext. 1