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Senior Scholar Project 

Help children learn.

Contact us at 970-243-9839.
The purpose of the Senior Scholar Project is to help school children learn.  We connect seniors wishing to help, with students needing help.  Volunteers work under the direction of school teachers in Mesa County public and private schools providing one-to-one academic assistance.  Success within this nurturing environment, it is believed, will help children build self-esteem and confidence.

 Benefits to Volunteers: 

  • Gain a feeling of accomplishment by providing a worthwhile service to your community.
  • Have an opportunity to share your skills and expertise with the next generation.
  • Establish friendships with students, teachers and other volunteers.
  • Become more familiar with the educational system.
  • Gain new experiences and knowledge.
  • Increase satisfaction with life.
  • Receive recognition for contributions to the schools.

 Benefits to the Students:

  • Receive personal and individualized attention.
  • Improve academic skills and enhance social skills.
  • Learn from older more experienced role models.
  • Develop a sense of history and cultural heritage.
  • Grow a positive self-concept.