Recruiting Seniors for Volunteer Positions
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A Nonprofit Volunteer Program for People Ages 55+
You are invited to join us in creating a more caring, connected community.
We are all in this together!
Serving Mesa County Since 1973
Mission Statement:

Serving the community by utilizing the talents and skills of senior volunteers

and placing them in rewarding opportunities at local agencies.

RSVP volunteers can...
  • Enjoy a chance to find the perfect volunteer opportunity

  • Match specific interests, skills, and passions to rewarding work

  • Choose from several local organizations that need your support

  • Give a few hours a month, 40 hours a week, or anything in between

Participate in our Signature Projects:

  • Handyman Project -- doing minor home repairs for low-income people who are elderly and/or disabled
  • Senior Scholar Project -- tutoring children in schools
  • Senior Health Insurance Assistance Project (SHIP) -- helps Medicare beneficiaries make informed health care choices. Two additional SHIP programs:
    • Money Saving Medicare Project (MSMP) that helps people who are eligible for Medicare and are low-income get enrolled in one or both of the financial help programs available.

    • Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) Project helps people with medicare identify and report Medicare fraud and abuse.

Active Participation Requirement:
In order to ensure active participation in serving our community, every RSVP volunteer is to serve and report a minimum of 24 hours of volunteer time per year in order to maintain their active membership status.

Get Important Extras:
  • supplemental insurance when volunteering
  • free training opportunities & fun social events
  • recognition celebrations just for you
  • BONUS: Meet interesting, like-minded people and make great new friends while doing good things!

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Local Affiliations:
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