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Agency Forms & Documents

Agency Forms & Documents

  • Member Agency Handbook - This will help you understand the requirements to become a Member Agency and how to utilize the services of Mesa County RSVP once you are a Member Agency.
  • Member Agency Application Complete and submit this application if you are a local nonprofit interested in becoming a Member Agency.
  • Disability Accessibility Self-Evaluation Certification Form - Complete this form sfter being approved as a Member Agency.
  • Volunteer Request Form - Print, complete, and mail/fax this form to request volunteers for ongoing positions or to update previous requests.
  • Online Volunteer Request Form - Request volunteers for ongoing positions. This form will be submitted directly to our Volunteer Manager.                     
  • One-Time Project Volunteer Request Form  - Complete this form to request volunteers for short-term/One-Time volunteer needs. We require a minimum of 15 business days notice.
  • One-Time Project Instructions - Follow these guidelines when utilizing One-Time Project Volunteers. 
  • School Teacher Volunteer Request Form - This form is to be used only by school teacher requesting volunteers for the school or classroom.                             
  • Agency Group Time Sheet - An agency can use this form if all of its RSVP Volunteers would like to sign in and out at the agency on one form. This takes the place of an individual time sheet only if the volunteer does not work at any other agency.
  • RSVP Multipurpose Room Application - This is the form you will need in order to reserve the RSVP Multipurpose Room.
  • Photo Release Form - Use this form to obtain permission from your management of volunteers for taking pictures of RSVP volunteers in action at your site.